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I respect your privacy as my own. Web Storage API is used to store a current theme only. This site uses JavaScript to change theme and to get radio's status.

I collect logs of the AJAX requests to a radio, so your IP and UserAgent are being stored not only by Neocities. I use these logs just to see sometimes who's listening to the radio and approximately for how long.

My code is clean and readable and JavaScript is just a few dozens of lines, so you can use it to learn, and be sure that it doesn't do any harmful things.

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Computer related part of my biography

I'm Alexander k.a. Arav, I'm a 26 years old russian programmer-hobbyist and an operator of a Tor relay. I decided to share some part of my biography, I don't think this information may help to disclose me. Maybe only if someone who knows me will visit this place and recall some parts.

I got my first computer on 11th November 2004. I went to the Internet in mid-February 2006 via Dial-Up modem (I still have it). It was the Down of the Golden Age of a runet and the entire Internet I guess, the runet went shit after 2008 I think. Before 2006 I played games 99% of time. Everything started after I got an Internet access.

Before that I had a game console Sega Mega Drive 2 from 2000 to 2004. And way back in 1997 I had a SUBOR game console which was a Dendy (Famicom (NES) clone) that is embedded into a keyboard. Here is a nice article about it in russian, at least you can see photographs. There was a learning cartridge with a set of programs and two flavors of BASIC. But, unfortunately, I had no manual for it and couldn't get it, so I didn't become a programmer that early. -_-

In second half of 2006 I found Source SDK and began to make maps for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. The process has always been in the first place for me, so I didn't really finished any map. And now they are gone for years already. I finished with this hobby in 2008 or 2009.

I used to write music from time to time in 2007—2010. My main problem was monotony and incompleteness. And sound mastering never was my strong side. :) I made about 10 tracks and only 3 are survived in mp3. They're on mine FTP server. I decided to publish them. I regret of one awesome track from 2008, fuarrking viruses, it was inspired by Enigma. I have weird feelings when I listen to them. People liked them tho. I want to go back to this hobby.

I became interested in programming in 2007 when such classes started in school. My first language (as everyone's else who live in Russia and CIS) was Pascal. I then moved to Delphi 7 and later to C#. I bought a book on C++ in 2009, but actually started to use C++ in 2010. I learned C in the same year 2010. After that I learnt Python, Lua, Shell, PHP, etc.

My first time with Linux was in 2007 when I downloaded an ISO of Ubuntu from local FTP of my ISP's LAN. It lasts for the whole 3 days. Next time I used Linux (Ubuntu) was in 2010, it lasts way longer, whole half year! After that I was periodically installing different flavors on a laptop. I tried Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux. Nowadays I'm sticked with Arch Linux, and use it now as a server OS, LOL.

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