This kind of articles more like the sysadmin's notes. I describe only those parts here that I did myself. Date here represents when article was updated last time.

Setting up a Tor proxy, relay and exit node
:^) NOT READY YET :^) Setting up a mail server
How to move a root from SD card to external drive on Raspberry Pi

Programs, scripts, etc.

Name Description Created Last Modified Downloads all the files from a specified thread on Now multithreaded! 3 Aug 2017 02 May 2018 I made this script to sort my cat's photos. :) 5 May 2014 28 Feb 2018 I wrote a tool for extracting information from Elite: Dangerous Journal files. 15 Oct 2018 15 Oct 2018

I had always been writing code for the sake of code. That's the reason why this table is so poor. I used to delete all the unfinished and "useless" programs. This is one of those things that I particularly regret... :( Another thing I regret of is that I didn't make backups, so much stuff is gone.


You can get my tracks here on my FTP. The story behind them you may read on the about page.