Whoa, this place was abandoned for quite a long. All this time I was focused on arav.top. I was thinking on future of this place and haven't decided yet. What I'm sure of, is that I'm not gonna left neocities, yet this place shouldn't repeat a main website. I renamed this place into an outpost, since my dwelling is now hosted at home (actual dwelling, heh).

Yes, all the stuff now is on that website. Here I left only all the links, an Updates and an About pages.

I have expanded my online presence onto Tor and I2P.

I'm tired of supporting all these static files, editing same things in multiple places. So I've ported arav.top on Node.JS + Koa + Pug. I made a nice looking HTTP file share and think on getting rid of FTP server.

What else? I got rid of JS theme switching and made site into respecting OS's color scheme (light and dark) using media query prefers-color-scheme.

Oh, fuarrk my procrastination... It's been 2 months since I moved to a new domain that I got for dirt cheap in April. It's called arav.top. And all this fuarrrrkin' time I didn't bother to, at least, replace the links! Fuck me...

I wanted to edit the whole site. Throw away that huge “about me” section and write something more brief.

I also wrote a new guestbook that is on my home website. I placed a link in the contacts section on the about page. Still has no captcha, so, please, be kind and don't wipe it. :)

I'm surprised this website gets so much visitors every day. Even though for last 2 months all links to my services was broken. Thank you.

I'm back again. It's been a while.

I went full mad and now I have my last name disclosed. It won't hurt me anyway. Well, I think so. :) Why? I dunno. xD

I have moved to other domain aravs.ru and was inert on updating this site. That's why radio didn't work for so long. I'm sorry for silence. :(

Yet another rework of design. Work on typos and other mistakes. Since radio is hosted from my home I decided to give a link to radio.aravs.ru instead of having a dedicated page here. When radio goes offline (and it usually goes together with the other services) that page is useless anyway.

I have to think on a home page. That two column layout isn't what I like but I have no ideas.

After such a long brake I'm back with huge update on site. I wanted to refactor the website, its look and content. The content of articles especially, I don't like how they are written. And to finish with that article. :)

From now this website is no longer dependent on Google Fonts. I had to do that long time ago.

I added a favicon. Also edited some links due to changes in my services' structure.

I also noticed that I forgot to edit a code to switch a theme, now it's fixed.

After two month break I'm back to work on my websites. I'm turned 26. :)

An article on mail server is only 50% complete. I wrote an article on moving root partition on Raspberry Pi, it was way easier to write. :) Updated an article on Tor relay. Checked spelling, rephrased some sentences. Made light theme default. Added photographs of my servers on about page on arav.top.

And thank you for 16,762 views. I'll keep on making this place more and more useful. :)

Happy Holidays!

After a long break I'm here again. :)

I've moved to a new domain arav.top. Made some minor updates on websites. I moved my radio from MPD to Liquidsoap, and that's great! Now it repeats what was previously plus now I can speak over music or interrupt it. Now I need to develop a broadcasting program, hehe. :)

And, a progress on the article about e-mail server is very slow but has a place. HAHAHA xD

Update: Oh, forgot about a new PGP key...

I published my new program for Elite: Dangerous. I updated about page a little. I also published there a CSV table of all my E:D discoveries that I extracted from journals using my new program.

I made a new better version of the article on Tor and updated the website.

Finally, I've rolled an update on the site. And finished a first version of an article about setting up Tor!

I wrote a Python script to make a by album playlists, finally, at 11th of June. It inserts songs from a "Various" folder to make a gap between albums. I removed the Blog page. No need in it yet. Also I redesigned the website and disclosed more information about myself.

I restructurised the website so it is multi-page now and made a light theme as default. And I started writing the articles.

The first article is about setting up a mail server on Linux using Postfix, Dovecot and SpamAssassin. The second one is about setting up a Tor proxy and relay. I hope I'll write the decent ones.

I know, there is a lot of articles about that on the Internet, I just want to practice and make something useful. :)

Also added a Blog page to share my thoughts, of course it's empty at the moment.

By the way, it's almost 14,500 views! I really appreciate that! Thank you all! I hope I will not let you down, and will make a lot of useful stuff.